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Currently I try to combine Eclipse Platform (OSGi, EMF, GMF) with Spring Framework (as Beans container and factory) and JBoss Cache (synchronous distributed cache) and many other useful pieces of software (like SNMP4J) in order to build network management application.

All this software is very good. The problem is that Eclipse and JBoss suffer lack of documentation for newly developed stuff while I'm mostly interested in newly developed stuff.

Some measures for today: Execution time analysis for cached/direct access to following SNMP tables: VlanTrunkPortTable(from Cisco MIBS) and IfTable combined with InterfacesTable:

  • direct run time: 1308
  • cached run time: 2684 (empty cache)
  • cached run time: 6 (full cache)

So building and propagating cache takes: 1376 milliseconds. That's not good.

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